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Henriette Jager

Henriette Jager

Senior Scientist, Environmental Sciences Division, Joint Faculty Associate, University of Tennessee, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Bredesen Center


Student Information:

I am currently chairing the PhD committee for one student. Below, see an interview of Jasmine Kreig as the recipient of a NIMBIOS award. Jasmine recently completed her Masters’ thesis in Mathematics with Suzanne Lenhart. Her research focuses on how bioenergy production in agricultural settings can be done in a way that minimizes adverse effects on wildlife. For this, she is using an agent-based model of ring-necked pheasants, hunters, and tractors. In addition, for her PhD research she plans to use species distribution modeling to assess community level changes in biodiversity. 

Currently serving on the committees of two other UT students.  

  • Lauren Lyon (EEB) is seeking to understand the drivers of species distributions in the Appalachian Mountains (Chair: Mona Papes).
  • Diliya Murtazina (Bredesen) is studying sustainable hydropower production (Chair: Brenda Pracheil)


My lab studies trade-offs and complementarities between renewable energy production and other ecosystem services.

Examples of ongoing projects:

Henriette Jager